Losing hair can be depressing for everyone and it gets grave when you lose your hair in young age. That not only leads to make you look older but also makes you less confident when it comes to dealing in the society. There have been numerous methods over the past few years to get back your hair; naturally and artificially. The latest in this list is the hair transplantation technique. This method has gained immense popularity among the people in the last few years to get hair back in a natural way. The latest and advanced technique of transplant is FUE is a stitch less and scar less technique, which is preferred by most of the patients.

 skilled surgeon can provide you wonderful results with the help of high grade quality instruments as the chances of any side effect or infection will be less if premium quality instruments are used during the surgery. The most popular FUE instrument is the ‘Harris Punch’ innovated by Dr. James Harris, pioneer surgeon of FUE Hair Transplant Technique. He has pioneered the ‘Harris SAFE System’ which involves minimum pain, no scar, reduces healing time and is a safe instrument. Read More

Best Hair Transplant instrument manufacturer in India

Ethics Hair Instrument is an established name in the world of FUE instruments and provides you all high quality hair transplant instruments at an affordable price. We are one of the biggest Hair Transplant instrument manufacturers in India and our products are widely demanded by various hair transplant surgeons. We offer a wide range of FUE instruments which are manufactured from high quality steel and SS/Titanium and ensure best results with minimum wastage of grafts. (Transection rate).

Offered range of FUE instruments

We manufacture the essential FUE instruments which include FUE Punch, FUE Forceps, FUE Micro Motor, Pillow, Hair Transplant Chair, Hair Counting Machine, OT Light and Spray Bottle. The instruments are made sharp or blunt as per the requirement and to reduce the transaction rate. The quality products are made available to the customers at an affordable price; therefore, our products are highly preferred over other competitors. Various renowned surgeons use our manufactured instruments for better results and less wastage. The instruments are manufactured under the strict observation and to ensure that there is no compromise on the quality, making us a top notch manufacturer of FUE instruments.

Ethics Instrument manufactures the highest quality surgical punches for FUE in the market which are suitable for choosing manually or with an extractor. The offered range of instruments is available in multiple shapes and sizes and its sharp cutting edges ensure minimum risk of follicular transection. Our instruments help you to provide your patients with the best quality of possible results.